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Special Yeast Drip Bag

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Expertly crafted from handpicked coffee beans, this unique blend is roasted to bring out the rich and bold coffee flavour after fermentation. Each sip is a luxurious blend of well-rounded taste that is truly divine, giving you a finest break. Upgrade your coffee routine and treat yourself to the sophisticated taste of our special yeast Coffee.

Espresso / Aeropress / Moka Pot / Pour Over / French Press / Channi

Special yeast coffee refers to a coffee brewing method that uses yeast to ferment the coffee grounds before brewing. This method is similar to anaerobic coffee brewing, but instead of using anaerobic bacteria, yeast is used to ferment the coffee.

The yeast ferments the sugars in the coffee grounds, creating unique flavors and aromas that are often described as fruity, floral, and sweet. This method can result in a cup of coffee with a lighter body and a more delicate flavor profile than traditional coffee.