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Our Story

Our founder, Mr Srinivas Shetty, began his journey in 1952 with a simple goal - to bring the delightful taste of Chikmagalur coffee to the world. Today, we have surpassed that and become proud trendsetters in the coffee industry, with our World of Coffee outlet being the world's first 4D interactive café.

Committed to bringing the best of Chikmagalur to your cup, the entire process from farm to cup is controlled by our teams. Grown across our 150-acre coffee plantation in India's coffee capital, each bean is freshly roasted and manufactured using India's first fully automatic roaster, which allows us to craft accurate and precise roasts consistently, before being shipped to our 8 outlets across Karnataka.

With over 80 years of our coffee legacy, we remain steadfast in upholding our founder's vision to craft exceptional coffee and push the envelope with unique flavours and advanced technology with each new day.